Insurance Agent Licensing Compliance Management

Digital transformation of Agent Licensing and Carrier, Agent licensing and appointment processing through the adoption of InsurIQ’s ACCLAIM platform.  Delivered to for a member company of one of the nation’s premier commercial lines property/casualty Fortune 500(Fortune 500) Companies.  Deployment of IIQ’s ACCLAIM™ platform.


Insur IQ (IIQ) assisted a risk management leader specializing that specializes in accident and health products in the U.S. to automate the process of on boarding, management, tracking and renewal of the companies Agency and, Agent licensing.  Including an and appointment process for an extensive network of brokers, agents, consultants, and third-party administrators.

The platform allowed the client to transform their otherwise manually, paper-based, process of agent licensing and appointment tracking into a fully digital automated system.

Client Details

Based in the New York Metro area, the Company, founded in 2005, is a leader in Accident and Health business with a full range of Stop Loss, Managed Care, Accident, and Group Captive programs written through brokers, agents, consultants, and third-party administrators.  Their clients range from small non-profits to Fortune 500 companies. They are a direct writer with offices nationwide.

 Business Context

Operating in a crowded and competitive market segment, the Company wanted to find an efficient way to address the challenges of managing the agent contracting and appointment process with the hopes of attracting new partners to market and distribute their insurance products.

The technology needed to:

  • Allow for the on boarding of new partners with automated appointment forms automated for completion.
  • manage and maintain the status of thousands of agents, brokers, consultants, and third-party administrators licenses and appointments across 50 states.
  • Provide indicators when licenses and Continuing Education were expiring. or non-existent in some cases.
  • Maintain library of uploaded forms, records and important documents.
  • Provide search and reporting capabilities.

GBO/Insur IQ Solution

To further enhance its suite of Technology Products offered, GBO Insur IQ collaborated with the Company to design and build a Digital Licensing Compliance Management Module – what is known today as “ACCLAIM™” – Agent Carrier Contracting Licensing Appointment Interface Module for the Company and its agency partners both existing and prospective.

ACCLAIM™ addresses the challenges of agent contracting and appointments with core functionality that includes:

  • An automated Agent on boarding process with six simple steps from invitation to appointment with full NIPR integration
  • Easy to navigate user dashboards, agent appointments and licensing records and important documents securely housed.
  • Tools and alerts to meet compliance requirements including an agent portal, license expiration alerts, self-service renewals, as well as extensive search and reporting capability.
  • Third party integration with the digital capability to enable transmission of agent information to authorized third parties including background and OFAC screenings.
  • Functionality to accept third party data feeds to update agent records
  • NIPR integration

Benefits Delivered

Since the first implementation of Insur IQ’s ACCLAIM™ the Company has digitally appointed more than XXX brokers, agents, consultants, and third-party administrators across the country.

Faster Time-to-Market

With ACCLAIM™ you can automate the process and maintain a completely digital platform for insurance agency licensing, appointments and continuing education.

Agent on boarding process in six simple steps results in faster time-to-market:

  • Agent received a branded email invitation to onboard.
  • Agent authenticates with pre-selected identifying information.
  • Demographic information, licensing data and banking information collected.
  • Specific carrier appointment questions, contracts and other requirements presented.
  • Acknowledgements and signatures collected digitally.
  • Appointment application data stored and ready for decision.

Desirable Partner

Through the use of ACCLAIM™ the Company can effectively improve partner return on investment as well as reduce their time to value, making the decision to do business with them a ‘no-brainer’.

Increased Customer Satisfaction

The GBO Insur IQ solution operates in fully automated, rules based, real time transaction environment.  That means the digital insurance consumer can make purchases in real time on their schedule.  They are in control and can get instant gratification as fulfillment documents and collateral documents are instantly issued and available at transaction completion.

Challenges Encountered

Designing a consumer friendly system, complex in functionality that can juggle the extensive requirements of each and every Carrier and Vendor–

While the goal of the Insur Store™ is to automate the processing of a wide variety of both group and individual, Life, A&H, P&C as well as non-insurance products, it also had to be simple enough to operate from a non-technical consumer standpoint.  The rules based system needed to have enough flexibility to simultaneously accommodate the business rules of a multitude of Carrier and Vendors; while presenting a straightforward concise user interface to the consumer.  The application also needed to be product agnostic to handle configuration of any new products for future launch as well as to handle a large volume of transactions.  To overcome these challenges GBO Insur IQ:

  • Worked closely with Carriers and product vendors/manufacturers to understand the various products and steps in the workflow and to demo the work in progress. This ensured we received early feedback and avoided any last minute surprises. It also allowed the Product Managers the ability to consider product design, make changes on the fly and enhanced the client satisfaction levels tremendously.
  • While designing and reviewing the platform architecture we factored in the high-level requirements of future product introduction allowing for any product type, with any rating scheme and any policy deliverable to be accommodated on the platform.